Ways to Avoid Professional Politics On Board Ship

Conflicts of a political nature are not uncommon at the work place, but on a ship they are a bit more uncomfortable. Since everybody has to co-exist in a small place and work with each other every day, a little friction can escalate matters. So work related tiffs are best avoided in a contained environment like that of a ship. Following simple procedures and taking care of a few vital points can ensure a smooth working atmosphere:

Mutual Respect

Respect for one another is a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy working relationship. And this doesn’t necessarily mean respect for just the seniors, because respect for the subordinates is equally important. If a co-worker lacks what it takes to respect the decisions made by his subordinates and seniors, this can create differences amongst the crew. Begin by respecting each other on board as this can pave the way forward.

Avoid carelessness

Navigating a ship requires careful precision from the deck and the engine crew. Any mistakes made by either of these people can result in the malfunctioning of the whole vessel which can trigger a blame-game. When fault finding occurs, things often blow out of proportion and the situation can get ugly. Although mistakes are not totally unavoidable, keeping a clear and sharp mind can restrict the occurrence of silly mistakes.

Follow instructions

Not following the given orders can sometimes land you in trouble. Although this by no way means that you should follow an instruction blindly even if you feel otherwise. If a senior asks you to do something which you feel doesn’t quite makes sense, politely bring it to his notice, instead of not heeding to the order given. Politely discussing the matter may clear the air of any existing doubts and prevent any unnecessary argument.

Take things in stride

Sometimes a joke or a snide remark from a co-worker may not mean anything and sometimes it may have an iota of truth to it. Whatever the case may be, when you feel that giving undue attention to such trivial matters can lead to possible arguments, it is best avoided. Taking things is your stride does not mean that you are incapable of taking an action but proves that you know when to just listen rather than aggravate the situation.

Spend time together

Sending quality time together with the crew can give you a little sneak peek into their lives and personalities, which in turn can help you understand them better as a person. When you know a person, you understand what can anger and irritate him and what you can do to avoid it. This not only ensures that you make great friends but also ensures you make great co-workers along with a fun working environment.

Be a mute spectator

This probably is very important. Formation of cliques and groups of similar minded people is very common in any work place. And that is true for the ship as well. People in these groups often try and spread false stories and comments about the other rival groups. Participating and encouraging such behavior can land you in trouble. It is best to avoid getting into trouble by not participating in these group rivalries.

Calm your mind

Last but certainly not the least is to be calm and collected in all situations. This is possible if you take care of your health. Sleep deprivation is known to cause frustration and anger in people. So make sure you sleep an optimal amount. Taking up a healthy exercising routine can also make you more resistant towards the anger and irritation of your colleagues. It can make you mind sharper which will help you to function better and provide excellent results.