Storck Guide

Программа для сегрегации опасного груза в контейнерах (как модуль работает с программой Easeacon) в соответствии с требованиями конвенции МОПОГ/IMDG Code с поправками 2008 года

The Storck Guide on CD is the internationally well-known Storck Guide, presented in a Windows database format. It equally serves shipplanners, cargo officers and inspectors as well as container packers and terminal operators worldwide as a valuable tool in their daily work of correctly stowing and segregating dangerous goods. In the IMDG Code the special information on the relationship of different hazard classes in respect to their stowage is strewn over more than 1.250 pages. The Storck Guide on CD represents a compact and easy-to-use compilation of these regulations. Starting from the UN-number of the substance in question, the general stowage with dangerous substances of the other classes, plus all special segregation requirements for single substances of each class are shown on one screen as well as the EmS numbers.