Findaport on CD

FindaportCD gives you access to the most comprehensive port information available to the maritime industry on your desktop, including maps, plans and port photos. Up to 26 different search criteria available for all ports, harbours and terminals, enabling users to specify their preferred port requirements and generate lists of marine places meeting those requirements.
FindaportCD enables you to Search for ports meeting specific criteria, Search by coordinates, country, name, port facilities, cargo types and drydock sizes. Locate over 9,700 ports, harbours, terminals and marine facilities around the world.
- identify which specific facilities are available at that port using the port symbols.
- view the port’s summary at a glance, as well as the detailed port information listed.
- view over 5,500 port plans and 1,000 photographs, covering port layouts, approaches, berthing, moorings and etc.
- view Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced provided by those at the forefront of the maritime industry.
- save your favourite ports, print and save port information to the local PC, email port information.
- check for more recent updates using our online service,
Database dated December 2021