Stability Program SLS (Sietas Loading System) + SLS Baplie Viewer

The loading computer system (SLS = Sietas Loading System)serves to the determination of the permissible intact stability and longitudinal strength for the different loading conditions. The input, recording and documentation of each loading condition of the ship is facilitated.
The complete system SLS consists of hardware and software.
Software corresponds to the rules of the GERMANISCHER LLOYD and is authorized to the calculation of longitudinal strength and stability in accordance to rule 10 (1),(2) of the international load line convention (1966). Hardware is design tested and accepted from the GERMANISCHER LLOYD.
Software can be adjusted in English or German language. The program is network-compatible.
If the SLS-program is connected to a tank measuring plant, an adjustment of the tank contents is carried out automatically. The interrogation range can be adjusted. The programs necessary for it run invisibly in the background and are started automatically with start of the computer.