Skymate Pro 2012

Skymate Pro 2012: The Navigator's Almanac is a computerized Nautical Almanac. Using an internal almanac for the years 1900-2100, Skymate Pro 2012 will provide Mariners the accurate information needed for celestial navigation at sea

OS: Windows XP (32-bit)
Vista (32-bit)
Windows7 (64-bit)

To maximize the full potential of Skymate Pro 2012, the user should have a working knowledge and proficiency in the terminology and skills of celestial navigation.
Skymate Pro 2012 uses date/time information entered into a DR Toolbar to calculate a number of various almanac functions. The flexibility of the DR Toolbar allows the user to quickly change date/time and position information for the various celestial functions available.

Skymate Pro 2012 provides the following almanac information for:

  • Almanac years 1900-2100
  • Sun and Moon
  • Navigation Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • 57 Primary navigation stars as listed in the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac
  • Polaris
  • 115 Auxiliary stars, as indexed in the Nautical Almanac
  • Times of Rise, Set and Transit for each selected body
  • Star Finder chart displays
  • Predicted solar and lunar eclipses for a given year
  • Calendar display of the moon's phases for a given year
  • Calculates compass error
  • Calculates a fix from a set of LOP's - Lines of Positions taken with a marine sextant
  • Calculate navigation sailings (GC, RL) solutions.
  • Print professional looking reports!


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