Radar Trainer

Очень хороший симулятор радара. Самое ценное в нем то, что можно вводить собственные параметры целей и изменять навигационные условия плавания. Вы можете создавать свои упражнения, сохранять их в памяти компьютера, а потом повторно использовать для тренировок. Так же он дает возможность потренироваться в использовании различных видов настроек радара.

Full instructions for installing this program to hard disk and starting it running from its icon are included in the booklet inside the zip archive. Please be sure to note the requirements for screen settings or the program cannot display correctly. Once the program is running, you will see a representation of a radar set, with a blank screen. In the following explanation, references to ‘the radar set’, or its components, refer to this simulated set. All the controls on the front panel operate in similar ways to their counterparts on a real set. A basic explanation of the operation of each control is given, but this booklet does not seek to be a full manual on the principles and use of radar. At the top of the screen are a number of Windows menus and at the bottom, below the radar set front panel, is a status bar giving information and control over the running of the simulator. It includes rudder and throttle controls to manoeuvre your own vessel...

video manual for this trainer

Key: KHSRA-0379834


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