Maritime Software Suite (Draft Survey, Lashing Calculations, Route Planning)

1. Draft Survey:

* Imperial measures and Metric unit system support.
* 2 modes of calculation - MANUAL or AUTO.
* Unique feature: to receive necessary accuracy of calculation it is necessary to enter only 35 lines of values into the Hydrostatic Table which correspond to various condition of a vessel. Intermediate values (corresponding to actual mean draft of a vessel) will be received by interpolation.
* Initial Survey, with calculation of constant and full report and saving to file.
* Final and/or Intermediate Survey with full report and saving to file.
* Easy hydrostatic tables interpolator; to reduce errors and provide very fast entry of data.
* Extensive help available throughout the program.
* Metric surveys.
* Storage and automatic usage of hull hydrostatic data; especially useful for Surveyors who have regularly calling ships or Ship's officers assigned to one ship.
* During entry of the Survey you can go back and change any entered value at any time.
* Produce a one page Report.
* Entry of Ship Name, Voyage number etc at start of Survey for ease of use.
* Export to text file for later printing or editing in your Word processor or ransmission by e-mail.
* Ballast table.

2. Lashing Calculations:

* Lashing Calc is a calculation tool for evaluation of semi- and non-standardized securing arrangements.
* Lashing Calculations calculates accelerations and balance of forces in semi- and non-standardized lashing arrangements in accordance with annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (the CSS code) from IMO.

3. Route Planning:

* Course calculations.
* Distance calculations.
* Waypoint editor.
* Route print.
* Route export.