MACS3.NET Loading Computer System


MACS3 consists of computer hardware and a range of software, which aim to minimize the operational load while loading a vessel, and to prevent any hard limitations from being breached.

The software of MACS3.NET Loading Computer System includes the MACS3 Basic Loading Program, performing functions of Categories A and B according to the ISO 16155:2006
and (optionally) a range of additional modules and programs , performing functions of Category C:

  • BELCO Container Management Module
  • DAGO Dangerous Goods Modules
  • StowMAN Stowage Planning
  • SEALASH Lashing Module
  • MIXCARGO General Cargo Module
  • RoRo Module
  • Crane Operation Module
  • Bulk Carrier Modules
  • Tanker Modules
  • BallastMAN Ballast Water Exchange Module
  • Voyage History
  • DastyMAN Damage Stability
  • Online Program (Tanks Online)

The system runs under both 32- and 64-bit operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Скачать 2010 year ver. 130 Mb

Скачать 2013 year ver. 162 Mb

Скачать Manuals 23 mb

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