LNG Cargo Simulator

Developer: Kongsberg
Year:: 2007
Version:: 1.00
Platform: Windows
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: 1. After starting up the simulator and choosing a scenario, it is advisable not to chose another scenario. If you wish to run a new scenario it is best to terminate the simulator and re-start.
2. Operations that take a long time to finish, such as bulk (de) ballasting, bulk loading etc, can be speeded up using the ‘simulate 10x fast’ button. This will speed up time to a factor 10 (or 100 if you click the button again) in all running processes. The following screens contain this button:
-. Cargo main screen
- Loading screen
- Unloading screen
2. Ballast screen
The setting of the gas return valve CG001 is in this case erratic and needs to be adjusted continuously. The barrier pressures will be frozen in time during speeded up scenarios.
3. Some of the operations as described in the tutorials deviate slightly from the dфeck info book (such as the use of manifold bypass valves for cool down). This was necessary for software technical reasons.