DraftSurvey Lt

DraftSurvey Lt is a user-friendly Draft Survey calculation program for Merchant Navy Officers and Marine Surveyors. It is designed to take care of complete draft survey needs. Its specially useful for marine surveyors as it does not require the full input of hydrostatic data, only two lines of hydrostatic data relevant to the calculation at hand needs to be entered to calculate the result. The final survey can be undertaken without entering the initial draft survey data if the initial net displacement cell is filled-in in the final draft survey form. This is very useful for a surveyor who may not have conducted the initial survey, he knows the initial net displacement and can use just this information together with this program to quickly calculate the results. The purpose of DraftSurvey Lt is to save time which can be spent to take more careful measurements which can greatly increase the accuracy of the survey results and avoid the mathematical mistakes due to shortage of time.