Ship's Manuals and Plans to Accompany Bulk Carrier Practice

This is an excellent training tool developed by The Nautical Institute specifically for the people working on the bulk carriers. The program is made of two sections – manuals and plans. The section with the manuals will provide the trainees with the stability information manual, grain stability manual, cargo loading & securing manual, and ballast water management manual. All of the above manuals are presented using the Diamond 53 bulk carrier as an example.
Note that the general information about the subject vessel is provided, as well. The plans section will give you such plans as the general arrangement of the vessel and midship section drawing, tank and capacity plan, docking plan and shell expansion, drawings of the ballast water system, natural ventilation, shipboard lifesaving and firefighting arrangements, hold washing and drainage system, temporary mooring arrangement, fire control plan, general arrangement and sealing plan for the hatch covers, arrangement of the air pipes etc. The software is very easy to use, just launch the Start file and you will have access to the above listed documents immediately. No need for any serial codes, cracking; the documents are free of any malware.