is a powerful navigation software designed for use by non-expert computer users such as ship officers and/or leisure navigators.


The major functions of BridgeMan are:

  • Calculate Courses and Distances
  • Create editable company's voyage format
  • Create Waypoint Database
  • Collect Charts to Use in the intended voyage plan
  • Calculate Noon Reports and helps prepare Voyage Summary
  • Provides rapid calculation of Voyage Distances
  • Predicts Height of Tides
  • Predicts Tidal Streams
  • Show Celestial Almanac for all navigational bodies up to year 2999
  • Determine position by Celestial Navigation
  • View relative locations of Celestial Bodies graphically
  • Determination of Compass Errors and Identification of Celestial Bodies,Predict Sunrise, Sunsets, etc
  • Predict annual Moon Phases
  • Solve ETA and Required Speed
  • Solve Miscellaneous Calculations