A Guide to Casualty Investigation & Claims Handling - Руководство по работе с морскими авариями и исками

Year: 2010
Developer: Steamship Mutual
System Requirements: Windows XP & Up
Localization: english / russian
Crack: Not needed
Description: Accidents will happen - but most accidents are avoidable. Those which give rise to P&I claims are mostly caused by human error, ranging from a momentary lack of attention to a long build up of poor operating procedures.
No doubt you as the user of this DVD are well aware of the importance of the high standards of practice and vigilance needed to avoid claims, and of the operational benefits of so doing. However, in spite of your and others' best efforts, the likelihood is that you will be involved in the aftermath of a claim at some point in the future. In the same way that claims avoidance benefits your organisation so following the correct procedures in reacting to incidents and dealing with claims when they arise can greatly reduce the ultimate impact of those claims.
To get the best results Club and Member need to work closely together as the principal players in the claims handling team from the time of the incident until the resolution of the claim. This DVD is designed to help you to play your part in that process.