The Navigator - The Nautical Institute [2012-2019]

A free publication from The Nautical Institute that champions the role of today's professional marine navigators. Published in association with the Royal Institute of Navigation.

1.The Role of the Navigator (Oct2012)

2.Avoiding Collisions (Feb2013)

3.Passage Planning (Jun2013)

4.Positioning (Oct2013)

5.ECDIS - The future of navigation (Feb2014)

6.RADAR (Jun2014)

7.Bridge Resource Management (Oct2014)

8.Communication (Feb2015)

9.Professional Development (Jun2015)

10.Aids to Navigation (Oct2015)

11.Building on competence (Feb2016)

12.Cyber security (Jun2016)

13.Error Management (Oct2016)

14.S-Mode (Feb2017)

15.Mentoring (Jun2017)

16.Piloting (Oct2017)

17.Shiphandling (Feb2018)

18 - Vessel Traffic Services How to take the right direction

19 - Lookout Seeing the world by all available means

20 - Navigation Assessments How a view from the outside can help everybody improve

21 - Weather forewarned is forearmed

22 - Accidents…and how not to have them