Loss Prevention Publications

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: The North of England P&I Association Limited
Genre: Practical guide
Publisher: The North of England P&I Association
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
There are some Hot-Spots sheets and Talking-Points guidances issued by The North of England P&I Association Limited as Loss Prevention Publications.
Talking Points' will assist Masters and Safety Officers when preparing for onboard safety meetings by raising awareness of the common causes of accidents and incidents by providing an image or object to use as a 'talking point' to introduce the safety topic.
The first page can be distributed to those attending safety meetings or safety briefings whilst the meeting co-ordinator can refer to page two for guidance.
Hot-Spot' sheets are published as a loss prevention tool to provide practical hints and tips to help avoid incidents, claims and Port State deficiencies, or help to prepare for inspections and surveys.
They are designed to be placed with spares or alongside equipment where they can provide a quick reference to all, they are not intended to be filed.

There are 11 Hot-Spots sheets and 6 Talking-Points guidances:
- Hot-Spots - Cold Chain (reefer container cargo);
- Hot-Spots - Entry into Enclosed Space;
- Hot-Spots - Hatch Cover;
- Hot-Spots - Liquefaction of cargo;
- Hot-Spots - Liquid Cargo Sampling;
- Hot-Spots - Mooring Operations;
- Hot-Spots - Oxygen test;
- Hot-Spots - Pilot Ladder arrangement;
- Hot-Spots - Port State Control;
- Hot-Spots - Galley Safety Poster;
- Hot-Spots - VDR use;
- Talking-Points 1 - Grinding Discs;
- Talking-Points 2 - Working at Height;
- Talking-Points 3 - Means of Access;
- Talking-Points 4 - Breathe Easy;
- Talking-Points 5 - Stand Safe;
- Talking-Points 6 - Falling Down.