Cargo Loss Prevention Publications

Year: 2011-2014

Language: english
Author: The Standard Club
Genre: Practical guide
Publisher: The Standard Club
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 64
Description: Cargo work encompasses a wide variety of cargo types and modes of carriage. In recognition of this The Standard Club has developed a dedicated publications designed to address the many issues facing ships' crews by providing detailed information about cargo characteristics and best practice.
Misdeclared cargo (07.2014) - In this special edition The Standard Club highlights recent incidents involving the misdeclaration of dangerous goods shipped in containers, covering: the dangers associated with calcium hypochlorite, a carrier-led initiative CINS endorsed by the Standard Club that is looking to resolve container incidents, the P&I experience of misdeclared cargoes and explain a member’s rights of recovery in respect of misdeclared dangerous cargoes.
Bagged Cargo Claims (10.2012) - This edition of Standard Cargo makes some suggestions to reduce the risk of cargo damage for members whose ships are trading with bagged cargo.
Carriage of Seedcake (10.2011) - This edition of Standard Cargo addresses the safe and correct carriage of seedcake cargo. Due to their oil and moisture content, this cargo can present a significant fire risk due to self-heating and spontaneous combustion.
Bulk Cargoes Hold Preparation and Cleaning (03.2011) - This publication is aimed at helping masters, ships’ cargo officers, shore superintendents and chartering managers understand the requirements of hold preparation before loading bulk cargoes.
Liquefaction (Iron Ore Fines and Nickel Ore) 02.2011 - In this edition they cover: Shipper’s responsibilities, appointment of an independent surveyor, transportable moisture limit and flow moisture point, flow table and the can test, trimming, case studies and responsibilities.