GlobeForms provides Globe Wireless customers the ability to convert electronic or paper forms into data entry forms; thus allowing the exchange of data. GlobeForms allows for flexible forms design and distribution of either Adobe .pdf forms or Compact (text based) forms. The customer can view, print, and save the forms.
The primary use of GlobeForms is to allow ships the ability to send and receive form data, while at the same time, minimizing communications costs. Data that is sent between ship and shore is kept as minimal as possible, only sending the data that was typed by the user. Adobe .pdf files are not included with data between ship and shore, and for this reason, these users must have access to the GlobeForms program, as well as a library of templates to be used when displaying form data.
eNOAD and NBIC forms included
Lots of sample forms are provided with GlobeForms programm for "SMS/PMS/ISM Management System" of some shipping company named "Blumenthal"
1. install the programm
2. copy content of folder "Forms" to C:\ProgramData\Globe Wireless\GlobeForms
3. etc
* during installation select "Shore user - for office computer..."