Penguin Longman Readers. Адаптированные аудиокниги


Уровень 1, Beginner

Battle of Newton Road
Автор: Leslie Dunkling
Описание: The houses in Newton Road are small, but people are very happy there. Then a civil engineer wants to knock down the houses and build a new road. The people of Newton Road are very angry. But can they win the battle?


Уровень 2, Elementary

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
Автор: Deborah Tempest
Описание: The story of King Arthur is one of the most famous legends in England. A wonderful tale of the days of chivalry and the exciting adventures of Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad and the other knights of the Round Table.

Simply Suspense
Автор: Frank Stockton, Stacey Aumonier, Alfred McLelland Burrage
Описание: 'Her first thought was ""I must not scream"" ' A man must open one of two doors: one will bring him love, the other will bring him death. A woman goes into her hotel room, but it's not her room and she is not alone. In London, a man stays the night in a waxwork museum, and he is very afraid ...Three terrifying short stories. Be careful if you read them alone!


Уровень 3, Pre-intermediate

An Ideal Husband

Автор: Oscar Wilde
Описание: Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful politician and an honest man. He is an ideal husband for the beautiful and serious Lady Chiltern. But somebody knows a dangerous secret about Sir Robert. Can Sir Robert’s charming Society friends save his job and his marriage?

Sense and Sensibility
Автор: Jane Austen
Описание: Mrs Dashwood and her two daughters must leave their family home and move to a small house in another part of the country. They don't have much money now and must live quietly. Marianne and Elinor fall in love and learn some terrible secrets before they find happiness ...Other stories by Jane Austen in Penguin Readers are Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. Sense and Sensibility is also an Oscar-winning film starring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.

The Beatles
Автор: Paul Shipton
Описание: The year was 1963, and Beatlemania was only just beginning. Soon the Beatles had fans all around the world. For the rest of the 1960s their music led the way and they changed modern music forever. This book tells the story of the greatest band in the world from the early days in Liverpool to the Beatles’ music in the world today.

The Young King and Other Stories
Автор: Oscar Wilde
Описание: Strange and wonderful things happen in the seven short stories in this book. Who is the Young King? Why is it always winter in The Giant's Garden? A book of fairytales, but one that will appeal to all ages. Oscar Wilde opens up a world of witches, mermaids and monsters but who all have very human feelings.