Navi-Planner CBT

Year: 2014
Version: 2.0
Developer: Transas
Platform: Windows
Navi-Planner 4000 is recognized as the ECDIS markets most powerful charts management application, and also a set of databases, applications and services intended for voyage planning. Suitable both onboard as a ’back of the bridge’ application, and ashore as a management tool Navi-Planner 4000 software creates a voyage plan using an electronic route editor, including:

  • Port to port planning of a complete voyage plan
  • AtoBviaC auto routing
  • Under Keel and Over Head Clearance
  • Route checking
  • Reference point selection
  • Reporting points
  • Warnings along the route
  • Chart listings for both (S)ENC and paper charts
  • Detailed voyage plan reports
  • Route export/import
  • Integration with Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS
  • Online correction service for paper charts and publications via TGT Services