Vessel Monitoring System: Ship Tracking with a Difference

 In today’s times vessel monitoring is important, considering the precariousness of the marine life-forms and natural calamities. When it comes to different types of ships going to sea, tracking is absolutely important as far as cargo and fishing vessels are concerned.  Vessel monitoring systems, more popularly known as VMS, are an integral communication component, keeping in mind the aspect of cargo delivering, fishing vessels, and even passenger vessels. Through VMS, ship tracking becomes faster and easier and it helps in averting any kind of wrongdoing at sea.

 With the help of VMS, vessel monitoring becomes far more feasible as the location, the time during which the ship was at that particular location and many other such important data is collected that will enable the rightful authorities to take prompt action in case any fishing limit is being exceeded.


Vessel monitoring, in today’s times is a very important area and all nations across the world have their own interpretations to put this ship tracking system into active use. Additionally, it also has to be noted that VMS as a ship tracking and vessel monitoring procedure comes under the purview of the United Nations.

The reason that United Nations takes a major interest in the effective functioning of VMS as a ship tracking and vessel monitoring equipment is because of the copious degeneration of the marine eco-system and the hapless torture of the marine life-forms.

With the proactive involvement of the United Nations which is an organisation that has been working extensively to uplift the nature of the modern world, every nation across the world will be to enforce VMS as an effectual tool for ship tracking and vessel monitoring.

Another important feature of VMS as a vehicle monitoring tool is that at certain times it also doubles up as an effective gadget to track vessels which need immediate help. In case of ships and naval vessels which have VMS incorporated as a part of their electronic and hi-tech system and which need immediate SOS help, the installed VMS helps the rightful authorities or other ships coursing nearby to help them with the right kind of aid.

This feature therefore makes VMS as a more than simple tool for tracking wrongdoers in the fisheries sector. As a ship tracking system VMS also vouches for helping out ships and vessels, in case they counter any trouble while coursing through waters and thereby assists them to get prompt help.

As a vessel monitoring tool, VMS uses the GPS facility and needs a computer as a screen to facilitate locating of a ship’s position. Also it needs to be noted that since VMS services differ from country-to-country, it is important for a naval vessel to acquire a VMS that is as per the requirements and standards of the country in which the port of registry of the ship or the naval vessel is located. By adhering to such details, there will not be any non-following of the standardised rules and regulations that need to be followed while setting up a ship tracking system like the VMS in a naval vessel.

When it comes to ship tracking and vessel monitoring, there is no better equipment than the vessel monitoring system. It gives quality along with reliability making it one of the best gadgets to be used in the marine sector in contemporary times.


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