How to Identify a Fake Cruise Ship Recruitment Agency?

Without doubt, working on cruise ship is glamorous and most importantly pays well. With the rampant increase in demand for cruise ship jobs, the number of cruise ship recruitment agencies has also increased. These agencies put up fake advertisement to lure in people looking for a cruise ship job and rip-off them with huge sum of money.



Fraudsters scamming people applying for cruise jobs, employ a few well-chosen methodologies. By observing the most common methodologies, it becomes easy to spot the trend employed and identify fake cruise ship job agencies.

By inviting payment to ensure a guaranteed job in a cruise ship, fraudsters try to accumulate as much money as they can. The following pointers however will enable an individual to understand better how these fake cruise ship job agencies operate and avoid them successfully:


Beware of Alluring Online Advertisements

Any information that offers guaranteed cruise ship placement, on any website where registration is free and uncomplicated can be regarded as fake. Since a majority of websites today allow free registration, fraudsters find it easy and feasible to post interesting messages that allures an individual to register with an agency that does not exist at all.


Check the Authenticity of Cruise Ship Recruitment Agency

An authentic cruise ship recruitment agency will have a proper website with all the necessary details provided. An applicant needs to verify the legitimacy of the recruitment agency by not only visiting the website but by also confirming it with the associated cruise company too.

A lot of cruise liners, after due consideration of the problem of fraudulent agencies have specifically listed information about agencies that are fake. This information will help the applicants to avoid these agencies.



Check the Language Used on the Website

A cruise ship job scam can also be revealed by observing the language used. An authentic recruitment agency will make sure that the language used is refined so that an applicant does not have any problem while trying to go through the details provided. Falsified agencies will not have sophisticated content matter which an observant individual will be able to figure out.


Fake Agencies Ask for Extra Payment

In addition to inviting payment as a security for providing cruise ship jobs, fake agencies also invite payment for those requirements which become mandatory only after an applicant becomes a part of the cruise liner’s crew. These payment invitations are proof of the legitimacy of the cruise ship recruitment agencies

In terms of payment asked for, it needs to be noted that in the cruise industry, an individual does not have to pay any extra funds for documentation and other requirements even before being accepted by a particular cruise company. Agencies that require an individual to pay for these details can be verified as being illegitimate recruitment agencies.


Beware of Agents and Agencies African and South-East Asian countries

Individuals also need to be observant about agencies claiming about their source of origination in African and South-East Asian countries. According to statistical reports, a majority of fraudsters originate from these parts of the world and scam people of their funds globally. In addition, such fraudsters in order to project an authenticity claim to have offices in various other parts of the world which are completely non-existent in actuality

Working on a cruise ship is a dream for many people, but getting a job on cruise ship is not an easy procedure. It involves fulfilling a lot of requirements before an applicant can be selected and placed in the cruise job of his choice. The fact that easy ways and means are advertised to people to gain employment in cruise ship jobs, acts as the major proving factor against the authenticity of such job-guaranteeing agencies.