Study Books Образовательный портал для судоводителей The Online Study Guide for Merchant Marine Deck Officers 2016-10-23T01:08:31+00:00 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management Preventing of Cargo Shortage 2016-10-18T11:21:11+00:00 2016-10-18T11:21:11+00:00 Super User Dangerous & Difficult Bulk Cargoes 2016-08-24T09:46:26+00:00 2016-08-24T09:46:26+00:00 Super User Stowage And Securing Of Project Cargo (Heavy Lift Cargoes) 2016-08-09T11:51:27+00:00 2016-08-09T11:51:27+00:00 Super User Guideline for safe solution for project cargo operations (BBC 2009) 2016-08-09T11:44:24+00:00 2016-08-09T11:44:24+00:00 Super User Towards Green Marine Technology and Transport 2016-06-27T11:35:33+00:00 2016-06-27T11:35:33+00:00 Super User Cargo Loss Prevention Publications 2016-06-27T11:32:27+00:00 2016-06-27T11:32:27+00:00 Super User SAFE CONTAINER OPERATIONS 2016-05-22T17:21:37+00:00 2016-05-22T17:21:37+00:00 Super User Storck Guide - Stowage & Segregation to IMDG Code incl.Amdt 36-12 2016-05-19T11:46:15+00:00 2016-05-19T11:46:15+00:00 Super User Guide on the implementation of the SOLAS amendment requiring the verification of the gross mass of packed containers (VGM) + FAQs 2016-04-27T12:48:35+00:00 2016-04-27T12:48:35+00:00 Super User Safe loading and unloading of bulk carriers 2016-02-17T17:36:08+00:00 2016-02-17T17:36:08+00:00 Super User